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Our quick guide to navigating Ben, where you can learn how to setup your benefits and allowances fast!

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Ben is a platform that enables you to access benefits/allowances offered to you by your employer.

You can conveniently manage all of the benefits/allowances provided to you, all in one place. This makes it easier to manage your benefits/allowances and make sure you're getting what matters to you!

​❗️Please note❗️ you may not be offered both benefits and allowances, and may only see specific offers. Your employers chooses what will be available to you through the platform based on their selected benefits package for you. Please be aware of this when logging into your Ben profile for the first time!


Benefits are perks or compensation beyond what you would earn in your salary offered to you by your employer. Potential benefits you may be offered could be:

  • Private Medical Insurance

  • Mental Health Support

  • Eyecare Vouchers

  • Workplace Nursery

  • Cyclescheme/Techscheme

Don't worry, the list goes on!

How do I use Ben for my benefits?
Any benefits offered to you will allow you to either opt-into or opt-out of the benefit if you wish to have this available for you.

For some you can also choose to add dependants (how to add dependents) to extend cover for specific family members such as spouse/partner and/or children.

You can always track the benefit status after any actions made by checking the benefit and seeing the status next to the title.

These will always show:

  • Available - You can choose to opt in

  • Processing - Your actions are being processed with the benefit provider

  • Active - You have successfully been opted into the benefit

  • Unavailable - You did not choose to be opted in at the time the windows were open

For more information on what the specific benefit is offering you and any helpful contact details for the benefit provider, always click into the benefit and check the benefit copy and linked documents which you can see by scrolling down.


These are offered by your employer as a sum of money which can be used by yourself at a marketplace of providers through virtual or physical payment cards, or via reimbursements within the allowance guidelines set. Typically these can be offered as Health & Wellbeing, Work from Home and/or Learning & Development.

How do I use Ben for my allowances?

Within Ben you can click into your Wallet section to view any allowances available to you.

Here you can check your account balance, view your transaction history, confirm the allowance guidelines to ensure you are using it correctly and view your card details (how can I view my card details).

If you believe your card has been stolen/lost or compromised, you can also freeze/unfreeze it within the Wallet section and reach out to the Ben Support Team so we can help replace your card successfully (how can I freeze my card)!

Once you are able to view your card information, you can start making transactions with your allowance externally!

You may be prompted to upload receipts for transactions which would be set by your employer to ensure you are using your allowance correctly (how can I upload receipts), so ensure you are keeping track of all receipts and proof of purchase.

You may find that your allowance works through reimbursements, or you need to put a reimbursement through on an allowance card. If this feature has been enabled by your employer, you should see this available below the allowance card in the platform.

Reimbursements requests can be put through (how to submit a reimbursement) to be approved by your employer and paid out to a personal account which you must list in the request. The amount will then be deducted from your balance if approved and paid to you following the guidelines!

Now you’re set with the basics, you’re ready to start using Ben!

Feel free to visit our Help Centre for more useful articles, and if you find your question isn’t answered there, reach out to Ben Support via live chat and we’d be happy to help!

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