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Adding your Ben card to Apple Pay
Adding your Ben card to Apple Pay

Add your Ben card to Apple Pay to use your allowance on the go 📲

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Now that it's possible to add your Ben card to your Apple Pay account, it's easy to use your allowance on the go!

To add your Ben card, follow these steps;

  1. In the Wallet app, tap the Add button. Choose Debit or Credit Card.

  2. Apple Pay will then ask you to line up your card with the frame, and you can line this up with the card on your screen! Otherwise, you can choose to enter the details manually.

  3. Enter the CVV of your card.

  4. Read through the issuer terms, and Accept and Continue.

  5. The bank will verify your card, and then you will be asked to verify the card. Choose how you would like to verify, and continue.

  6. Once verified, your card will then be free to use!

Please note❗️

  • This currently only works with GBP and EUR cards. USD cards are not yet supported

  • You must also ensure your card details have not been saved in more than 9 merchants wallets through e-commerce, as 9 is the maximum limit.

This could cause your card to not be accepted to your Apple Pay!

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