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I can’t add my Ben card to my Apple/Google Pay Wallet
I can’t add my Ben card to my Apple/Google Pay Wallet

Having issues and receiving error messages when trying to add your Ben card to your Apple/Google Wallet

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If you are trying to add your card to your Google/Apple Pay Wallet and are receiving error messages or having issues with this, there could be a few reasons as to why this isn’t working for you.

A few of these reasons could be;

  1. You’ve reached your Wallet Card Limit

  2. Your card details have already been stored/saved with too many merchants

  3. You previously added your card and removed it, and are now trying to re-add it

We would recommend checking each of these below for possible solutions!

Wallet Card Limit

Apple and Google Pay have their own limit set for how many cards can be added to your Wallet. For Google this is set at a 5 card maximum, and for Apple this is a 8 card maximum.

❗️ Please do check that you do not have more than the limit set, as this will stop your Ben card from being added successfully! If you have, you would need to remove an existing card in order to allow space for your Ben card to be added!

Card details stored at too many merchants

When your card has been used across various websites, what tends to happen is your card details can then be saved with that merchant or you can approve for these to be saved for any future purchases. These are called tokenisations.

Your Ben card has a maximum limit of 9 tokenisations, so if you have your card information stored at 8 or more possible merchants and try to add your card to your Google/Apple Wallet, you will receive an error message preventing this action.

We would recommend removing your saved details from any possible e-commerce websites in order to remove some of these tokenisations to allow space for new tokens to be created/saved. You can find some examples of these merchants below;

  • Sony Playstation

  • Shopping sites (ASOS, SportsDirect, Spotify etc)

  • PayPal

Previously added/removed Card

If you had your Ben card previously added to your Apple/Google Wallet and you had this removed in order to try and re-add this, this can cause issues as all of the card data stored was not fully removed. Therefore when trying to add your card again, it results in an error message.

If you experience this issue, please do reach out to us via chat 👉 as we would need to contact our card partner directly in order to have this reset for you.

This would then enable your card to be added again!

Please note ❗️ Ben cards are unfortunately not compatible with Samsung Wallets at this time, so will not be able to be added on these devices!

If you have tried following the solutions above for adding your Ben card to your Wallet and are still experiencing issues, please feel free to reach out to Support via our chat 👉 and we’d be happy to help!

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