Adding a dependant to your policy

Adding family members/partners to your insurance to be covered for healthcare

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You can do this easily in your Ben platform. By clicking into the benefit (being your Private Medical Insurance or Healthcare) you can scroll down to where you see Plan Options and Cover Your Family.

There are 2 steps you need to complete in order to complete the process of adding any dependants.

Step 1 - Adding a Dependant to the platform

You’ll see Step 1 - Add Family Members where you can click on the Add button. You will then be prompted to fill in the relevant information on the next screen in relation to the specific member.

Once the form has been filled out, be sure to click Save Info in order for this to be updated.

Please note ❗️ ensure you enter all of this information correctly as this is what will be sent over to the insurance provider and uploaded onto the policy coverage!

Errors on this form can cause delays in the policy start date!

Step 2 - Updating the policy with your dependant

The next step is then selecting the coverage type for the individuals you have added. You will see this in the portal as Step 2 - Select Your Coverage.

If you have added a Spouse, you will see the Spouse/Partner option become selectable, and if you added a child, you will the Children option box become available too.

The name of the dependant who fits into that box will then be highlighted green and marked as Covered to show insurance will now apply to the added dependant!

In the video below, this shows an example of a policy where the user has an allowance card to pay for the coverage from. If you do not see this option to change where your cover is paid from, then you only have the option to pay from your salary.

Please note ❗️ you must make sure you add any dependants when your configuration windows are open on the benefit, which usually last 30 days from your start date on the portal.

This information is then sent off to the insurance provider to be updated accordingly.

Policy documentation will be sent off once received by the insurance provider.

The dependants added will not receive their own policy number, but be covered under your number so make sure not to lose this information!

For any further questions on the status of your policy or added dependants, feel free to reach out to your insurance provider directly whose contact details will be listed in the written copy on the benefit.

Our support team are also always happy to help with anything they can through the live chat function 👉

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