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Submitting Receipts
Submitting a receipt for a Ben card transaction
Submitting a receipt for a Ben card transaction

Uploading receipts for your allowance card transactions

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Your company can define whether receipts are required for each particular card/budget.

If your card requires receipts, you will need to submit these for each of your transactions.
There are a couple of ways for you to be able to find which transactions still require a receipt;

Through the banner

If you have missing receipts for one or more of your cards, you will have the banner you see below at the top of your screen when you are on the home page. If you follow the clickable link here, you will be taken to see which receipts you still need to upload!

From your wallet

Or, you can also find your missing receipts through clicking into Wallet and seeing the Missing Receipts button within the left side view! By clicking here, you will see all transactions that require a receipt in one place where you can simply upload the receipt.

You can then click Add Receipt which will open a new window where you can upload a file, and add a note (optional) if needed for the transaction! Don't forget to click Submit Receipt to upload this successfully!

โ€‹Please note โ—๏ธ it is only possible to upload one receipt per transaction. To upload more than one receipt for a single transaction, please combine all receipts into one file to upload which you can do here!

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