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What is the status of my Techscheme/Cyclescheme application?
What is the status of my Techscheme/Cyclescheme application?

Information on how long you can expect your application to be processing before receiving your certificate and voucher!

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Once you have opted into the benefit and actioned the loan amount you are requesting for either Techscheme or Cyclescheme, this is then sent off to the benefit provider in order to complete and process the forms on their side.

During this stage your application status should be reflected as ‘Pending Activation’!

This information is sent off by our operations team every Tuesday to be processed by the provider which usually takes 48 hours, who will then generate the invoice which is sent over to your employer for payment.

This must be paid by your employer and sent back to the provider before your application voucher and certificate is generated to be sent out to you via email.

If you believe your application has been stuck on ‘Pending Activation’ for a while, please do reach out to your employer admin team to confirm with them that the invoice was paid first!

Once this has been settled, your certificate will be issued to you directly, and we at Ben will also receive confirmation of this. Once confirmed, your benefit status should move to ‘Active’, and be reflected in your Ben profile.

If you believe the invoice was already paid by your employer and your status has not changed or been updated after a few days, or have any further questions please get in touch with our Support Team via our live chat 👉

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