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What you can purchase with your allowance(s)
What you can purchase with your allowance(s)

A breakdown of where you can spend your allowances!

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What can I purchase with my allowance(s)?

Within the Ben platform, you will be able to see a list of allowances assigned to you from your employer based on programme benefits offered to you!

By clicking into your Wallet and individually viewing the allowances displayed, you can see ‘Usage and Guidelines’ for each allowance to detail what each allowance should be spent on.

Please note❗️It's important you read these details before making any purchases or transactions!

There will also be a tile labelled 🛍Store’ showing a list of retailers where you can spend your allowance.

Bare in mind❗️The list of retailers is only suggestions for inspiration on where you may wish to spend your allowance!

Examples of Programme Allowances your company might offer and possible purchases;

  • Health & Wellbeing - spend your allowance on your physical, mental and financial health
    (examples: Medical insurance, counselling, gym classes, financial wellbeing apps, eye tests, dental insurance)

  • Workplace - use on work-related / home-office expenses or equipment

    (examples: internet bill, standing desk, ergonomic chair)

  • Learning and Development - invest in your personal and professional development
    (examples: Online courses, mentoring, e-book subscription, books)

  • Lifestyle - as the name suggests, to spend on your lifestyle
    (examples: food delivery, tv/movie/music streaming services, fun activities)

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