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Creating a managed budget

How to create a new managed budget

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What were once Top Up Cards are now Budgets!

This article will go through the feature, and explain how to create budgets for different teams, how to manage these budgets.

Creating a Budget

Making a new budget couldn't be easier! First, name the budget and give it an amount (This is optional as this can be topped up later).
Then click 'Next Step' within the right side of the screen to continue!

Next, set the rules of the budget! These are the same rules you will have on any allowance cards you may have.
Do you require receipts? Happy for employees to request a reimbursement from the card? Decide here!

Finally, you can then decide who can have funds from this budget. If this is a budget that will be relevant to the whole company (An L&D Allowance, for example) then you can choose to 'Assign to every user'.

If, however, the budget is for specific users, you can then select 'Assign to specific users', which will allow the list of all users to appear below.

You can then manually select tickboxes next to the users names you wish to assign the budget to.

When selecting users manually you can choose to set someone as the budget owner by clicking 'set as budget owner' which will appear when their tickbox is selected.

This mean they will be able to add and remove members of the budget, add and deduct money, and approve requests!

Don't forget to then click 'Create a new budget' on the right side of the screen to save these changes and finalise creating the budget!

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