Assigning rewards
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If you would like to reward an employee, maybe send a birthday gift or simply just as a way of saying thank you for something, assigning a reward can be a great way to do this!

To assign a reward, the first would be to go to the Rewards section on the Admin platform, were you will find the list of every employee that has been given a reward.

To assign a new one, click on "Give Reward"

The next page will allow you to choose the reward name, amount and message that will attach to this reward.

You can also select on the right hand side who you wish to assign the reward to, by clicking the checkbox next to specific user names.

Once this is filled, you will then be able to give the reward.

โ— Please note that it is not possible to delete a reward. Please reach out to our Customer Support, who will be able to assist with this or any other questions you might have.

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