Managing a Budget
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Once a budget is created, now it's time to add users and add money to their accounts!

Adding users

You can start by adding users to the budget by going to the "Add Users"

This will take to you the list of all employees and will allow you to add as many users as needed.

Adding balance

Now that you have a budgets with users, you are able to change the balance of the budget so you can then allocate it to each users. First, you should click on "Change Balance", which should open a window.

"Current Balance" will always show the current budget available. You will write the "New Balance" that you wish to have on the budget. Please note, this erases the current balance with the new balance, these are not added up!

Once the amount is added, this balance will be shown under "Un-Assigned" and "Total Budget".

Adding money to an employee budget

Now that you have topped-up the balance, you can add money to a user. To do so, you will first need to tick the employee that needs top-up and then click on the three dots shown, as per image below. A drop-down menu will appear and you can then click "Add Money".

Once you click on "Add Money", you can add the desired amount to the user's allowance. This site will also show how much will be available of the general Budget Balance after adding money to the user.

You will also have the option to add a message to the transaction!

When finished, please be sure to click "Add Money" to finalise the changes made. You will be taken back to the Budgets page, where you can now see the applied changes. Done!

You are also able to deduct money from an user's budget, by simply clicking on "Deduct Money" when you select a user. Process to follow is the same as above!

Please note: If you would like to know how much is being spent per budget, you can download a card transactions report via the Analytics section.

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