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Adding funds to a user's card

How to top up a card connected to a programme

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Want to reward a user for a job well done? Feeling generous? Then you can top up a user's allowance card with a one off amount, and thankfully, it is very easy!

First, in the admin section of your Ben account head to Allowances. Then, simply click on the allowance the top up is relevant to, which should lead to this screen you see below.

Simply click on the Add Money button to then be taken to the next stage!

Here, you can then enter the details such as the reason for the Adding Money, the amount, the date you wish it to transfer and you can even leave a message and/or GIF for your user to see πŸ™‚

Then click Next Step, and here you will see a list of people in your company and you can tick the person or persons that you wish to top up.

Finally, simply confirm by clicking the Add Money button to the right of the screen, and the users are all topped up!

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