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Deducting funds from a user's card
Deducting funds from a user's card

How to remove funds from a card connected to a programme

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If you need to deduct money from a user’s card as they used the wrong card for a transaction, or a specific charge may have been missed, it’s super easy to do!

In the admin section of your Ben account click on Allowances. You can select the card you wish to deduct the funds from and this will load a new screen.

If you click on Deduct Money, you’ll be prompted for next steps!

Here, you can enter the relevant details such as the reason for the deduction, the amount you wish to remove from their balance as well as the date you wish for the funds to be removed.

By clicking Next Step you’ll be prompted to select from the list of users which person or persons the deduction applies to.

You can then click on Deduct Funds to finalise this action!

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