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Gift Vouchers & how they work
Gift Vouchers & how they work

How do vouchers work

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Companies can choose to offer gift cards to employees in lieu of / in addition to the Ben Virtual Mastercards.

Employees can purchase vouchers via the Marketplace with budgets in Ben that are set by the employer. Please note: All vouchers purchased by employees in Ben will be invoiced to the employer.

All available vouchers will be shown once you click on your Ben card. To purchase a voucher, simply click on one of them and fill in the fields needed.

All vouchers are sent via email and these usually take around 3 days to arrive. Please note, most of them have a 1 year expiry date (dependent on retailer) and can’t be refunded once purchased.

If you haven’t received your voucher or you need any further help with your voucher request, please get in touch with our Support Team via our live chat 👉

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