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How can I open benefit windows for my employees?
How can I open benefit windows for my employees?

Editing benefit windows

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If your employees have benefits such as private medical insurance, it is likely that these benefits come with 'enrolment windows'. This means that your employees have a certain number of days to either opt in or out, or to add any dependants should they wish to do so.

If these windows close, then an employee is unable to make any changes to their benefit until the window is opened again. However, at your discretion and depending on the underwriting type, these can now be opened for an employee from within the admin portal.

In this article we will look to detail what changes can be made to your employees' benefits from within the admin portal.

Getting to the employee benefit page

To make any of the changes listed in this article, first head to the Admin Portal, then to People and find the related employee. Click on the employee and on the right hand side of the page you should see a list of their benefits showing listed under Benefits.

Click into the benefit and this will open the employee benefit page. From here, you can make any of the changes listed below!

Allowing Cover Changes

Employees may wish to change their cover in some way, including adding dependants or changing their level of cover. For this we also have windows that close, and at the touch of a button you can open this for a month.

A closed window will look like this...

And once clicked, will look like this...

Opting Out

Should an employee miss the window for opting out, but does not wish to be covered, you can opt the employee out of cover within Ben if you wish.

From the image above, click Opt Out and the employee's benefit will be changed to Pending Deactivation. This will alert our operations team that this employee is to be opted out of the policy.

Opting In

Finally, some benefits have an 'Opt In' window which requires the employee to actively opt into coverage. If an employee misses this window, this can also be opened by you on their behalf!

Similar to the above, a closed window will look like this...

As the user may have already opted in, you won't have access to open this again unless the user is opted out in the future, and you wish to allow them to opt back in!

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