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Benefit & Allowance Reporting in Ben
Benefit & Allowance Reporting in Ben

This is a deep dive into the Reporting tab in Ben, which you may need for your monthly Payroll, or to see how your employees are using Ben!

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You may have noticed a new update to your admin portal - say hello to the new:
✨ Reporting tab ✨!

Currently, you'll have access to two super simple reports:

  • Global Payroll Report - incudes benefit deductions, wallet top-ups and pension selections

  • Reporting Transactions Summary - summary of all reportable transactions

🚨 Please note: When viewing deductions, please view the report in the current month. For example, if you're running payroll on 17th June 2023, select June 2023 to get the right deductions! 🚨

Global Payroll Report

With the Global Payroll Report, we've greatly improved the way this can be filtered in order to make data easier to find and understand.

Now you can...

Filter by 'Month and Year', 'Username' & 'Benefit'

Getting more granular in the data within Ben is super easy in the Global Payroll Report!

If you need to look at a specific pay period in the past, or just want to make sure you have all the necessary data for the current month, you can filter by Month and Year to get accurate reporting for any period you choose, rather than just a snapshot of the current period.

If you are looking to get the relevant salary deductions for a certain benefit, it's easy to do so by simply filtering the report down by Benefit!

This way, the only information you will see will be for the benefit you have filtered for, meaning you can be confident that you have all the data you need.

This can also be done for a specific employee by filtering by Username, so you can see all benefits or just a single benefit for a single employee, if you would need to.

You can also get deeper into the benefits themselves by using the next new feature...

Highlight payroll changes with the 'Changed' filter

For this filter, you can choose from the following four options;

  1. None (no changes since last month)

  2. Changed (the price has changed and needs to be updated in payroll)

  3. Opt-in (this is the first time benefits will be deducted from payroll)

  4. Opt-out (this is the last time the benefit should be deducted)

You can choose to filter it by each one individually if you wish, although automatically they'll be set up like they are in this screenshot below.

Remove Empty Values with the 'Price is Zero' filter

For this filter, if you can either click:

  • true - the report will filter to include entries where the Employee Pays & Employer Pays is equal to 0

  • false - the report will exclude entries where the Employee Pays & Employer Pays is equal to 0

Global Payroll Report Headers

  • Payroll Date - the date for which this deduction is valid

  • Currency - the currency of the deduction

  • Benefit Name

  • Employer Pays - the total amount the employer pays (including allowance contributions)

  • Tax Reporting Status

  • Type - benefit or transaction

  • Changed - changed status (see above for more info)

  • Employee Pays - salary contribution of the employee

  • Benefit Start Date

  • Benefit End Date

  • Pension Employee Percentage

  • Pension Employer Percentage

  • Loan Amount - total loan amount

  • Username - email of the employee

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Payroll ID

  • Employee ID

Reporting Transactions Summary

To anyone familiar with the Company Wallet report, this report will look similar to you!

However, in the same way the Global Payroll Report can be filtered, so can the Reporting Transactions Summary.

This report can also be filtered by Month and Year, as well as Username.

This report includes the following;

  • Purchases with a Ben card

  • Reimbursements requested from a Ben card

  • Any refunds sent back to a Ben card

  • Any 'expired' transactions on a Ben card, which we explain in more detail here.

If you would still like to see your rolling Company Wallet balance, as well as any top ups you may have made to your company wallet, you will still need the Company Wallet Report, which we go into a bit more detail on in this article.

Reporting Transactions Summary Headers

  • Day - date of the transaction

  • Currency

  • Benefit Name - the name of the associated allowance

  • Employer Pays - the amount of the transaction

  • Tax Reporting Status - if known, the P11D statuses are flagged

  • Status - the type of transaction

  • Description

  • Username - email of employee

  • First Name

  • Last Name


Reporting Transactions Definitions

​ADJUSTMENT - apply a debit or credit to an account or card allowance

AUTHORISATION - The payment authorisation process is initiated when a cardholder makes a purchase with a merchant, who then seeks authorisation for the transaction
​AUTHORISATION_CANCELLATION - Authorisation is manually cancelled before the set period for authorisations (7 days) and pre-authorisations (30 days)
​AUTHORISATION_EXPIRY - Authorisation has automatically expired as no settlement has been received within the set limits for the received authorisation type

AUTHORISATION_REVERSAL - Authorisation has been reversed by the Merchant

MANUAL_TRANSACTION - Manual entries are to accommodate adjustments made to the account by human intervention and are rarely needed

MERCHANT_REFUND - When a merchant refunds money to the cardholder, typically relating to a previously processed transaction. The merchant/acquirer submits a request for a partial or a full refund of a previously paid amount

​REIMBURSEMENT/CHARGEBACK - A chargeback is a mechanism available to cardholders who dispute a transaction on the card and want part or all of a card payment returned

SEND - The Send transaction is used to send funds between managed accounts and managed cards belonging to different identities

SETTLEMENT - Also referred to as a Presentment. A Settlement contains the clearing message for authorisations that typically occurred the previous day(s). The presentment occurs when the merchant sends a request to take either part or all of the amount previously authorised on the card. This can happen at the same time as the authorisation request or in some cases it can be much later

TRANSFER - The Transfer transaction is used to transfer funds between managed accounts and managed cards belonging to the same identity

Hopefully this answers any questions you may have on the reporting tab, but if you have any more please reach out using the chat! πŸ‘‰

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