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Reimbursement timings and when you can expect to receive your payment
Reimbursement timings and when you can expect to receive your payment

Waiting on your Reimbursement Request to be actioned and funds returned 💰

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When you receive your reimbursement will be dependant on when you submitted the request throughout the month.

If your Reimbursement Request has been approved by the 5th of the month by your company’s Ben admin, and you have sufficient funds in your allowance account, your reimbursement will be processed by the 10th of that month.

For example, if you were to submit your reimbursement request on the 25th July and this has been approved by 5th August, you will receive your reimbursement by 10th August back into your personal account ✅.

However if you were to submit your request on 25th July and this was approved on 6th August, you wouldn’t receive your reimbursement until 10th September!

Different Currency Reimbursement

If the Reimbursement Request submitted is in a different currency than the card currency, please allow 2 working days for this to be exchanged to the right currency and then deducted from your wallet.

If you have still not received your reimbursement by the 10th of the month and it was approved by the 5th, please get in touch with our Support Team via our live chat 👉

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