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When to expect when to receive your insurance documentation
When to expect when to receive your insurance documentation

Info on how and when insurance documentation is sent out once a policy is live

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Once your policy status has been updated to ‘Active’ by our operations team in your Ben profile, this means your policy is now live with your specific insurance provider.

From this moment you will now be due to receive your membership documentation from your insurance provider detailing the information of your policy as well as your policy number, which is needed for making claims.

How long this can take and how this is sent (email or letter through the post) varies on the provider, as these do differ from one another.

Please note❗️your documents can take up to a few weeks to arrive from the date your policy was made Active in Ben!

When you have received your documentation, you can now complete any claims and log into your insurance portal. We would ask that any questions you have from this point regarding policy specifics or what your insurance covers should be directed to your insurance provider, as they are best advised to answer these for you.

If you do have questions on your benefit activation status, please get in touch with our Support Team via our live chat 👉

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