The different statuses of a benefit

What do they mean?

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When accessing the platform, you may have noticed that your benefits may have different statuses.

You can find what each means below:

  • Available - Benefit is available for opt-in / opt-out.

  • Processing - If you opt-in, this will show once details are being processed.

  • Ending - You are due to be opted out of the policy

  • Est. Starts - Once you have opted in, this will show the estimated start date for the benefit.

  • Active - Benefit is available to use!

  • Opt In Ends - (date) - This will show you how long you to have opt into the benefit

  • Opt Out Ends - (date) - This will show you how long you have to opt out of the benefit

The first time you log-in, some benefits might show for the first time as Processing, which means that you are opted in automatically and you will need to opt-out manually if needed.

If you think that the benefit status is not correct or more information is needed, please let us know on our live chat πŸ‘‰

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