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Digging deeper into the Company Wallet page

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The company wallet page from within your admin portal is a brilliant hub from which you can check all things regarding your remaining company balance!

In this article we're just looking at going over the page and detailing the different sections. For example, from the company wallet page you can;

  • See your remaining company balance

  • Check your company wallet details for adding funds to the account

  • Download your company wallet report

Company Balance

On the company wallet page you will see the below. This is the company wallet remaining balance and should you notice this get too low, it's time to add funds!

Topping Up Your Wallet

Clicking on the + ADD MONEY NOW button in the top right corner of the page will bring up the details of the account you should deposit into for topping up. This will show, amongst other details:

  • The account number

  • The sort code

  • The payment reference

The Top-Up Details page looks like below:

As the pop up notes, these details can be saved in your bank for future reference.

Please note - If your company has more than one wallet, the details will be different for each one and the details for each can be found from the company wallet page of each instance.

The Company Wallet Report

The company wallet report is a great way to track the volume of company spending.

It shows all transactions on all cards (And specifies which card has been used), as well as also reporting any reimbursement requests, and refunds that may have been received by your employees as well as any deposits into the company wallet itself.

Furthermore, providing that the tax reporting status of a card has been confirmed, it will show the tax reporting status of each transaction! To download the report, simply click on this 'Download CSV' button.

Please note ❗️ - Similar to the Top Up details, if your company has more than one instance the company wallet report will be different for each one and you will need to download each report individually from each admin portal.

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