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Manually adding new users to the platform

Getting new joiners set up on Ben!

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So there are fresh faces joining your ranks? Exciting!

Understandably you want to add them to Ben to show them all the awesome benefits they have access to, and thankfully it's easy and quick to do from the Admin Portal of your Ben account πŸ™‚

First, head to the People tab, and click on Import Users. You will then be taken to the screen you see below;

Then, download the template and populate all of the given fields with the information of the users you are looking to add (this template must be used), then import that updated file to this page here.

Please Note ❗️

  • First name, Last name and User Email are mandatory fields which must be filled out

  • When entering any dates like DOB, Employment start etc. please use the date format yyyy-mm-dd

  • Country codes should be the 2 character ISO country code (GB for the United Kingdom, ES for Spain etc)

  • The First name and Last name entries have character limits of 20 each

Finally, to assign all new users the programmes they need, head to the Programmes tab where you can assign each user what they may need for their benefits and/or allowances.

For any questions or issues on this, reach out to the In-Platform chat or email πŸ˜ƒ

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