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Changing the admin permissions of a user
Changing the admin permissions of a user

How to change the level of an users access

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If you would like to change the role of a user to change their level of access within your Ben profile, you can do this in the admin section of your Ben profile!

To start, head to the admin view of your account and then to People, and then click on the user who's level of access you would like to change.

When in the users's profile, click on the drop down menu under Role.
This will show a drop-down menu of the various permissions this can be changed to.

Once the new permission has been selected, a pop-up window will occur asking you to enter the Passcode in order to update and save the changes on the users profile.

You can then select 'Mark card admin' and the changes will be saved and updated, all done!

The user can now navigate the platform with their new permissions โœ…!

Need an employee to see only certain things? Contact us and we can create a custom role for an employee!

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