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Deactivating a user profile within the platform
Deactivating a user profile within the platform

Removing recent leavers from the platform

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If a user leaves your company and you then wish to deactivate their Ben account, you can do so in the admin section of your Ben account!

Please note❗️The following instructions does not apply if you have an HRIS Integration in place.

First, head to People, and click on the user name.

Once in their profile, there is a Make Inactive button underneath their name for you to toggle off.

Once done, this will deactivate the user, return all funds from their allowance to your company wallet, as well as stopping any future allowances being assigned to them.

This means that any funds they may have had left over in any allowances will no longer be accessible!

It will also make any benefits they are enrolled to set to Pending Deactivation, as well as ensuring that they can no longer access their Ben account.

If you have an HRIS integration in place, any deactivation will need to be done on the HRIS itself so it then deactivates the user in Ben.

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