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How do I activate my Ben card?
How do I activate my Ben card?

When receiving your Ben card, here is a breakdown of how to activate it for use!

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If your company has provided you with an allowance, you would be able to have access to your contactless and physical Ben Card.

With this you will receive an email from asking you to Activate Your Card.
You should then click the button within the email which will lead you to access your profile and activate your card through the platform.

For security purposes, you should always start from that email where you'll get to set a personal 4-digit Passcode and your card will be active for use!

❗️Please make sure you check any spam/junk folders within your email account for the activation email in regards to your card❗️

If you're having trouble activating your Ben Card - please get in touch with support via the live chat and we'd be more than happy to assist! 👉

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