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Why was my transaction declined?
Why was my transaction declined?

Your transaction may have been declined for a number of reasons!

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There are a number of reasons why a transaction may decline, and one of your transactions does decline, we will email you with the reason for this! The reason for your card declining could be any of the below:

1. You do not have enough funds on the particular Ben Card you're trying to use for this particular purchase

2. Commonly blocked transactions include:

  • Transfer to financial services institutions / banks

  • Cashback

  • ATM Withdrawals

  • Gambling

3. You have used the wrong billing address or CVV code. Please check you have the correct billing address and card details entered

4. Your card is frozen. You can always unfreeze your card by:

  • Logging in to Ben

  • Navigating to the particular card

  • Clicking on the ‘Card💳’ button

  • Hovering over the card and clicking ’Show’

  • Entering your Passcode

  • Selecting the Snowflake icon to Freeze/Unfreeze

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