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What billing address do I use?

The billing address linked to your Ben card

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Your billing address linked to your Ben card can always be found by clicking into the relevant allowance, selecting ‘Card’, clicking the three dots to the right of the card, and entering your card passcode to reveal this information.

This should show below the card itself!

By default, this will normally be your Company’s registered address.

Please ensure when making payments online using your Ben card, you are entering the address linked to the card when being asked by the merchant for the billing address!

If you do wish to change your billing address, once you have entered your passcode to reveal the information, you should see ‘Manage Personal Info’. By clicking into this you will see the current address listed, and a pencil icon✏️ too.

Click into the pencil icon and you can now enter the new address you wish to be listed as the billing address!

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