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Viewing my benefits through the app
Viewing my benefits through the app

Understanding how to view and manage your benefits in the Ben app

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You do have the option to view your benefits within the app, however this works a little differently to what you can action on our desktop version!

In order to view your benefits display, you will see a ‘Benefits’ button in the middle of the toolbar display at the bottom of the page.

This will show you a list view of some of your benefits which on the app are displayed as currently Read-only.

For those benefits you can see, this means you can click onto them and read through the benefit copy detailing the benefit overview, pricing breakdown and any relevant documents.

You can view all of this by clicking into the relevant benefit and browsing through the tabs.

Any documents or links listed can be accessed through the app by simply clicking these to be taken to the page!

In order to action or edit your benefits fully please log into your account on a desktop device.

Please note❗️we are currently working on having all of your benefits moved over, so please don’t be alarmed if some are missing within your app view.

For a full list of all benefits and again to edit or make any actions please log into your profile on a desktop!

For any further questions please reach out to our Support Team via live chat and they’d be happy to help!

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