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How to submit receipts through the app
How to submit receipts through the app

Follow the guide below to get your receipts uploaded easily and quickly!

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It couldn't be easier!

Once you're in the app you will see a view of all your allowances.

Click into the relevant allowance and all of your transactions made on the card will be listed under 'Transactions'.

You can see where receipts need to be added by a 'Add receipt' prompt under the transaction amount.

Click onto the relevant transaction and then select 'Add receipt'. You'll be prompted to then take a photo or choose an existing photo from your mobile device.

Once you're happy with your upload click 'Save receipt' and you're done!

You can see the receipt uploaded within the transaction, and a small paperclip icon will now show within the transactions list to confirm the receipt was uploaded successfully.

You can view the video tutorial below for visual instructions on this too!

For further questions please reach out to our Support Team via our live chat and they'd be happy to help!

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