What are Notification E-Mails?

Breakdown of what possible email notifications you might receive to prompt completing certain actions on the platform!

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As an Admin, you are able to decide if employees can opt-in to certain benefits or process certain allowance actions. The way this works is that when a user, for example, opts-in to a Buy Holiday benefit or requests a reimbursement, Admins have the ability to approve or reject these depending on individual circumstances.

If these are set up, Admins will receive individual notification emails for each approval request. We will explain below what each email relates to!

πŸ“§ Pending Benefit Enrolment Actions

These emails will relate to any benefit enrolment approval.

❗️Please note❗️ that benefits won't be set to active and processed until these are approved through the 'Approvals' tile.

πŸ“§ Pending Approval Requests

When users requests a reimbursement or a funds transfer, an email will notify admins of this. These can also be approved through the 'Approvals' tile.

πŸ“§ Wallet Alert

When the company wallet is low on funds, a notification email will be sent. Please note that the first email will be received once the funds are below 30% of the amount needed to cover the total allowance money.

These alerts can be set up so a selected number of Admins, or any other employee, get them. So for example, if you would need someone from Finance to be able to see the Wallet Alert notification, we can set this up for you!

For any further question on these, feel free to reach out to the Support team and we'd be happy to assist further 😊!

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